Review: Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was the latest movie to take over the screens at my local workplace. It's opening day, I gathered up an attractive lady friend, a bag of popcorn, added some buttered flavored grease and sat back to enjoy a supposed blockbuster of my time.

The movie didn't live up to the insane amount of hype, but what movie could? The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull did it's job, it entertained me and the young girl. It was artistically breathtaking with it's vibrant colors and outstanding high-budget special effects. The plot was interesting and easy enough to follow, but it seemed secondary to the mediocre over-the-top action scenes that drove the plot line. The only thing that drew the viewer out of the so-so story was the impossible acts made by the protagonists. magazines of ammunition from tens of soldiers always missed and death defying heights never left a scratch.

Yet despite its flaws, the tongue-in-cheek humor and great cast salvaged the movie from being a boring flick that only tailored to the fans of the day. The film is mediocore, but at the same time the best in its genre that is out at the moment.
So is it worth the price of admission?
The answer is: If you must see a movie this week, this is the one to see.

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