One Last Thing

This is an off topic post, but not by too much. If you like movies than of course you love music!

My friend from high school makes his own cool/amazing/unique music. I haven't listened to it in awhile, but stumbled across his myspace page today and it reminded me how amazingly cool his lyrical stories are.

So if you're tired of the same old rock/pop/rap thats oversaturated the market check out dylan vee

Weekend Preview

I have to go to sleep at a decent hour tonight in order to go into work tomorrow at opening. It should the first time were extremely busy all week long with Indiana Jones and Iron Man in theatres along with Sex and The City catering to the female demographic, all along with most local schools getting out for the summer.

After getting back from the disappointing midnight release of The Strangers this morning it was quite apparent that Sex and The City, which also debuted at midnight will be quite popular this weekend. The theatre was packed with more girls at one time than I've ever seen, and it was at midnight! So I suspect I'll be selling lots of sex tomorrow at the box.

I'll be back tomorrow night with a Box Office Update.

Not a review: The Stragers

The movie was absolutely awful, in fact it was so stupid and pointless and emotionless that I'm not even going to write a review for it.

See I've stopped writing, so it isn't a review. Which means I lied in my previous post. (so sorry faithful fan base)



Midnight Releases:Sex and The City/The Strangers

My theater is conducting two midnight releases this evening, both Sex and The City and The Strangers. I just learned this today and since I'm off tonight and tomorrow I've got to take advantage of this opportunity.

It didn't take long to decide which movie to chose for tonight, I asked my great friend Rachael to go with me, and her being the die-hard Sex and The City fan I thought for sure that would be her choice, but she shot it down saying she must go see it with her best girlfriend. I'm glad though, The Strangers suits my manly taste much better.

Tonight, or rather, early tomorrow morning I'll be back with a review of The Strangers. So stay tuned.

Off Subject: How to...

In the process of expanding my writing experience and broadening my skills I've began to write how to articles for eHow.

So I just thought I'd let my readers know that they can catch more of my glorious (haha) writing over there, and hopefully you'll actually find some of my topics interesting and useful.

Check out my personal profile to view all my articles


Overheard at lunch

So during lunch today my great friend Rachael mentioned how she was so excited about going to the movies this weekend. At first I was puzzled cause I didn't think any good new releases were coming out this weekend. But oh how could I have forgotten?!



As soon as she said the title I rolled my eyes and sighed. I personally have never watched a single episode of the show, and have absolutely no interest in it at all. From the previews it looks insanely stupid. There are a few one-liners that might make watching it bearable. Plus it has the advantage of making it easy to find a girl to take to the movies.

So ill be back this weekend with a (un-biased) review of Sex And The City. I'm sure you cant wait.


Late Box Office Update

I just got home from another exciting evening at the box office. I actually had to work 2 extra hours, but it was greatly needed for the next pay check.

I made $7,400 in the 8 hours I worked. It was divided up as follows:
Indiana Jones>>Prince Caspian>>>Iron Man>>>>>>>>>>>>What Happens In Vegas=Made of Honor=Baby Mamma>>Speed Racer.