Getting Started

I'm Joshlee and I'm here to provide you with reviews and information on how your favorite movies are doing, straight from the box office!

I'm 18 and still currently working at my first job, which just happens to be at a fairly large movie theater. I started out as a concessionist selling popcorn to mostly unworthy snobby guest, but within the past few months I've moved into the box office where I handle more money than Bill Gates' accountant and constantly enforce the age restrictions of the MPAA to annoying yet mildly entertaining teenagers.

The so called fringe benefits to my job is where this blog comes in to play. I am allowed unlimited access to movies at any time (and I can bring a friend!) plus an insiders knowledge of how the blockbusters are selling. My posts will mainly consist of concise informed reviews of movies that will contain no spoilers and allow you, the reader, to make your own decision before wasting your precious oil and cash to take a trip to the big screen

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